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Tiffany's Tarot

     Tiffany's Tarot is a LIVE showing where Tiffany can interact with her audience for LIVE card readings. Many people have received readings from Tiffany with astonishing outcomes. Tiffany enjoys using her gift to help others in need or looking for insights to things in their own lives. She uses many different types of card decks and selects the one that relates better to the one she's reading for. 

     We love her personable personality and how she approaches each reading with care and delicacy. We are sure you'll enjoy her show as well. Come out and visit with Tiffany on Saturdays @ 4pm EST and see what she may have to tell you.

Tiffany Reynolds

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Tiffany came from El Paso Texas.  Due to her heritage of Mexican descent, she has a connection and experience with the paranormal. She has experienced many things from hauntings, spiritualism, and mysticism.  She has learned to read tarot cards and oracle decks. She uses this knowledge to help other people by providing guidance and closure on situations, especially to help people who have lost loved ones and seeking their final messages. My show Tiffany's Tarot allows her to help people bridge the gap between this world and the spirit world. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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