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The Oracle Show

     The Oracle Show covers Investigations, Alternative Spirituality, UFO sightings and reports. You can expect to learn about theories, investigations, spirituality topics and much more. 

Dedrick Hilton

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     Dedrick Hilton M.S. has years of experience as a Parapsychologist, Ufologist, Podcaster, and certified Paranormal investigator, he is also the CEO, of Hoodoo Lounge Paranormal News. Dedrick has been conducting investigations and providing services for over 20 years. Dedrick embellishes himself in helping others in need of help, collaborating with other organizations in the field to further study advancements, and has an array of credentials in the field. They include B.A. PSYCHOLOGY, M.S. INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY DEVELOPMENT, Licensed Metaphysical Therapist, STUDYING Ph.D. METAPHYSICAL SCIENCE FOCUS ON PARAPSYCHOLOGY, Certified Paranormal Investigator/Ufologist, MUFON Member, DIPLOMA PARAPSYCHOLOGY


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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