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     Thank you for visiting Stellar Paranormal Events and inquiring about registering for an event. Our events are 4 times a year. You may select the date at the top of the registration for drop down. We will walk you through the process of registration for the events below. If you are unclear of any details contained on this page or have questions about the registration process, please contact us at or send us a message by going to Contact.

Steps of Registration

     The following steps are taken to successfully register you, your team and your location to a specific Stellar Paranormal Event Date.

Steps By You;

  1.  Fully fill out each field in the registration form below.

  2.  Read carefully the Terms and Conditions Contract. <--- (Can click the link now to review it.) Downloadable PDF File.

  3.  Ensure the box near the bottom of the registration for is clicked. This is required to submit the form.

  4.  Provide your signature certifying all fields are correct and your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions Contract.

  5.  During this process, we verify key pieces of information. Such as,

    1. Team/Organization legitimacy

    2. Location and permittable confirmation

  6.  Once the details are confirmed, we will begin developing your thumbnail with Stellar Paranormal Events and send it to you via the registrant email address.

  7.  Upon receiving the thumbnail, you are officially registered in Stellar Paranormal Events.

  8.  Your Service Representative will be in touch with you soon to be available as a liaison to assist you through the event.

Rules to Registrations:

  1.  Only one event date can be registered at a time. You may submit separate forms during the registration period.

  2.  The 2023 events registration period will be from September 1st, 2022, until September 14th, 2023, and each event registration date individually will expire 14 days prior to each event.

  3.  Each team/organization, and location can register multiple times per event. However, the registration form covers only one investigation. Although, a team/organization may investigate multiple locations at different times for the event provided a registration form is submitted for each investigation.

  4.  You may register for any team/organization and location, provided you have the owner's authorization to do so.



  • It's FREE

  • Thumbnail.

  • Service Reps.

  • Up to 1-hour stream on one day for the event on Roku

  • Broadcasting on Roku 30-days after event for your streamed shows.​

  • Earn $$$ based on show performance, viewers and other criteria.

Event Benefits

Stellar Event Registration

NOTICE: If entering on multiple dates, you'll need to submit a separate form.

Main Contact Information
Team / Organization Information
Upload File
Location Information
Upload File

Thanks for registering to our event. One of our service representatives will be contacting you soon.

Customer Service - 1-480-658-8893

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