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Raven Paranormal

Raven Paranormal a.k.a. Raven Paranormal Events & Dr. Mary Barrett, LLC - together we are traveling the US researching and investigating some amazing “very” haunted locations.  Joining us on some of our investigations will be guest investigators, celebrity guests, location owners, etc.  During the investigation, Dr. Mary Barrett will be providing psychic readings of each location.  We are offering people the chance to investigate locations that are not always in the mainstream as well as filming these awesome locations for everyone to see their true beauty.  These locations have a stupendous amount of history and so much to offer given the chance.  Our mission is to help promote and preserve the true history and paranormal activity of every location we visit.  


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Jennifer Lee Spangler VanBoskerck is the Founder and Lead Investigator of Raven Paranormal.   She's also Co-Owner of Raven Paranormal Events & Dr. Mary Barrett, LLC.  Jennifer has been investigating the paranormal for many years.  She did not have any paranormal experiences growing up but, to her, that didn't matter. It became her passion to find evidence to prove that the paranormal exists and help those in need whether the dead or the living.  She was never scared of the unknown; She embraces it.  Jennifer's dream has always been to travel the world and investigate haunted locations.  It is her mission to investigate less known locations to help promote the location and preserve their true history.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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