McInville Ghost Talk

Hosted by Andrew & Eldon McInville covering haunted histories across the globe.

Paranormal Hotseat

Hosted by Donna Gerron and Stacy Gust of McInville Paranormal placing individuals in the hotseat each week for tough indepth interviews.

Esoteric Hours

Host Bradley Powers with Co-Host Jim Andre covers a wide array of the paranormal field from mysticism to alien contact. 


Dedrick Hilton delivers the latest news in the paranormal field from across the globe. 

Paranormal Static

Hosted by Co-Founders of PeeDee Region Paranormal Robert Humphries and Brian Horton focusing on interviewing others involved in the field.

Cryptic Trading Post

Watch Host Cody Price as he offers a unique twist to his show breaking down claims, videos, photos, articles etc with his viewers.

Para-Fam Round Table

This podcast covers the paranormal side of ParaFam. Its hosts change so you never know what you'll get.

Out of the Box

Jim Andre offers an out of the box perspective at viewing topics of the paranormal. 

Tiffany's Terot

Hosted by tarot card reader Tiffany Reynolds. Giving out free readings to her live viewers.

Whispering Angels

Host Laura Gaetano covers the spiritualism into the paranormal and does readings. (COMING SOON)

Paranormal Brew

Taryn Kerper dives into finding out who we are in the paranormal field with her cutting edge approach to interviewing her guests.

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