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     We on the Paranormal Family Channel is thriving to bring you legitimacy and real evidence. We aim to bring the truth to the public by sharing true investigators in the field, skeptics, technological experts, and witnesses. Our shows are to show you the stories behind the claims. Our podcasts are there to share legitimate information to the viewer, and our investigations are to show the viewer how legitimate investigations are conducted in real life unscripted, and non-directed. Nothing is exaggerated or fabricated. Our shows are Rated PG with viewer discretion advised.


     Our haunted topics cover a wide range in itself. It covers the types of haunts, categories of spirits, different interests of study, a large multitude of methodology and techniques in investigating. 

     Again as we've been displaying and preaching heavily, these shows are involving legitimacy. You, the viewer have plenty exposure to a lot of fake content on the major networks, Youtube and other paranormal channels.  Our goal is to bring you the field's legitimacy. 

Ufo in Game

     The topics we have that cover UFO's also encompass alien information, claims of abductions etc. These shows offer an insight into contact of our world by other worldly visits. These include alien contact, UFO sightings, effects of other worldly influences etc. 

     Just as with the haunted field, there are many different styles and outlooks on the techniques and methods by which to investigate claims of alien contact and UFO sightings legitimately.

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     Cryptozoology is a third study of the paranormal field that we cover. Having its share of controversy by itself, it brings its own challenges bringing the viewer legitimacy. These topics in this type of study include bigfoot, mothman, jersey devil, skin walkers, etc.

     Interviews with those who have sighted these creatures, shows with those who have investigated these claims and more is what we bring you.

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