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Paranormal Hotseat

     Paranormal Hotseat is a podcast show hosted by Donna Gerron and her co-host Stacy Gust. The show debuted summer of 2022. It replaced ShadowZone podcasts that aired for the previous Global United Paranormal Foundation. After the foundation rebranded to McInville Paranormal, the show undertook a new branding and facelift. Paranormal Hotseat now serves as McInville Paranormal's pilot podcast show. 

     They focus on bringing guests from the field onto the show and getting to know them, who they are in the field and what they do. the guests share their expertise in the field, techniques, methods and personal experiences. This is done through placing them as it's said in the title (in the "Hotseat").

     You can see Donna and Stacy each week on Sundays at 10pm EST through the ParaFam network and meet the guests they invite to their shows.


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My name is Donna Gerron and I am the team manager for McInville Paranormal

Arizona Division.

I’ve been an official paranormal investigator since January 2022. After I

Joined Eldon McInville’s team. I’ve gone

On several ghost tours in and around Central Illinois for several years before

Moving to Arizona. I’ve always been a little curious about the paranormal

Since I was a kid.

I really got into it around 2005 after my

Mother passed and I started having personal experiences.


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My name is Stacy Gust and I have been having paranormal experiences that I cannot explain since I was a little girl. I joined McInville Paranormal as an investigator in 2022. Since then, I am now the lead investigator for the Phoenix division of McInville Paranormal and the cohost of a podcast 'Paranormal Hot Seat'. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this amazing group of paranormal investigators.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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