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Paranormal Brew

     Paranormal Brew was established in 2017 by Taryn Kerper and a co-founder, who were seeking an outlet for their paranormal passion after leaving the membership of a local paranormal group. Together, they sought to provide a non-scripted round table discussion to share knowledge, hard work and dedication to the paranormal field and to provide exposure to their fellow paranormal peers and those alike. The show started on podcast only and then later switched to streaming on Facebook, YouTube with adding on  internet radio along with a spot on a Paranormal app.  Since its inception, the show has hosted many knowledgeable and fun guests who have shared their own research, beliefs, opinions, experiences, journeys, and goals.  Taryn has hosted the show solo for some time now and it continues to grow with increased viewership. 

     Paranormal Brew airs every Wednesday at 7:30 pm EST. (with rare exceptions) The show can currently be found live on Facebook @ Paranormal Brew, BB3TV , Pee Dee Regional LLC, Para-Fam Entertainment and McInville  Paranormal; live on TikTok. Live on YouTube at Paranormal Brew and BB3TV.  You can catch up on episodes at any of the above sites on  Unrestricted Paranormal Two Radio on Sundays at 9pm.

Taryn Kerper

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     Taryn's Paranormal journey officially began in 2004 when she started watching Ghost Hunters. Then in 2007 she had her first experience with what was believed to be intelligent spirit communication. In 2009 she began to explore and do amateur type investigating (enthusiast).      In 2010, Taryn captured, what is believed to be, an apparition of a soldier on the Railroad Cut in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. The photo is currently on display in the Ghostly Images section of Mark Nesbitt's Ghosts of Gettysburg store on Baltimore Pike in Gettysburg PA. It also is on display in Brian Cano’s “History of the Paranormal, Mobile

exhibit “that is traveling across the USA. Taryn is a member of the Ghostly Excursions Event Team which has hosted many successful Paranormal events, most notably the Pennhurst Paracon.  She has also assisted local historical sites with events such as Selma Mansion (Norristown PA), Fort Mifflin (Philadelphia, PA) and Pennhurst Asylum (Spring City, PA).  With the help of selected investigators, she continues to do both private and historical investigations.  Aside from her weekly show, she has been a guest on numerous amazing podcasts to share her experiences and journey.

      She currently lives with her boyfriend and besides the paranormal her passions are Gettysburg, the Washington Redskins and fur babies.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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