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About Us

     Thank you for reading about us. We'd like to share a little bit about us so that you can become a tad familiar with who you are coming to.

     ParaFam Studios is named after the culture we practice in our paranormal field of work and study. We first got involved in making small advert pictorials, logos, and some intro and outro videos for our own shows on our podcasts. Over a short amount of time, we started really getting good at it and others in our field began asking for help in designing and building the same for them. We've added some things along the way, such as video editing, commercials and web building. We absolutely enjoy the work we do and love sharing it with others. Therefore, we developed ParaFam Studios as a division of our current field in art asset development. We have since decided to switch it into our ParaFam Entertainment side as an add-on service to bring better, and more options to those who stream to our broadcasting service. Recently we have decided to open ParaFam Entertainment to all genres of shows, provided they are family oriented and rated. Along with the recent change, we've also moved ParaFam Studios in the same direction to tailor the services to compliment all genres of shows, businesses, interests, etc.

About What We do


Logos to compliment your brand.

We develop logos that represent your brand and tailored to your likeness.

Art Poster

Video Intros & Outros

An opening and closing that catches your viewers.

We develop a logo burst with an opening video, an ending video that shows credits to you and all that you desire.

Magic Sword

Video Editing

Having trouble editing that video for distribution? This is for you.

Our staff is ready and waiting to edit videos and prepare them complete and ready for broadcast.

Post Production Station


Thumbnails that does the talking for you.

ParaFam Studios will custom make a thumbnail that advertises for you and says it all.

Laptop with lighting


Visual marketing tool that catches potential viewers, customers and clients

Using our state of the art programming, we develop commercials tailored to your product in either 30 or 60 second videos.

Spiral Architecture

Web Design

Need a website? Yes... We can build a website for you

We have the expertise to get you started with your own website. Prices vary.

Web Design

Customer Service - 1-480-658-8893

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