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McInville Ghost Talk

     McInville Ghost Talk, or as the Scottish Gaelic spelling is "MacGhillemhaoil Taibhse Bruidhinn" is a talk show that centers its entire theme around Scotland. The McInville Cousins, Andrew McInville & Eldon McInville are descendants of the Scottish clan MacMillan. Many images and illustrations you'll see within the show are of their ancestorial ties with clan MacMillan and Scotland. However, the show emphasizes on castles in Scotland.


     Out of respect for customary Scottish practice, the cousins have decided to adopt their family crest, rather than the MacMillan Coat of Arms. This is due to it being customary that the Coat of Arms is that of clan Chiefs alone to display, and the members display the crest. You can see the family crest used by the McInville family in respect to their relation to clan MacMillan.

     Cousins Andrew and Eldon McInville were introduced and brought together through the paranormal field. Their interest in the paranormal, strong favor for history and undisputed love for family is what started this show. The cousins embark on a worldwide journey exploring the haunted history of locations across the world. However, their main focus locations are that of Scotland, and their ancestorial roots. 

     Along with paranormal findings, historical facts and discovering paranormal breakthroughs, the McInville cousins add in twists of their family history, heritages and backgrounds. This makes this podcast unique in its own making. Among many things in the paranormal, it really sets tone as a historical museum for their family and relatives.

Your Hosts

Andrew McInville

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Andrew has spent several years working in the paranormal field alongside his cousin Robert Humphries. He's worked his way up in the ranks of the paranormal field. He's learned methods, techniques, and strategies not only in investigating the paranormal, but also in managing a paranormal team. He now shares this experience in his podcast McInville Ghost Talk with his other cousin Eldon McInville.

Eldon McInville

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Eldon has dived into the paranormal field literally head first eager to find factual answers and driving at sharing this with the world. He uses his experience in helping others who may be afflicted by paranormal activity. He's spent several years studying the field before ever getting out in the field. Several years later, he shares this hard work of study with the viewers of McInville Ghost Talk along with his cousin Andrew McInville


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