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     So, you would like to join the ParaFam team? Let's help you in that consideration, shall we? For starters, let's clarify ParaFam. There are very few people and organizations that wears the ParaFam badge, thus rightfully claiming they're ParaFam. This badge is not anything you can stitch on your sleeve, or pin on your coat and display. This badge is imbedded onto your heart. For this reason, ParaFam is not an organization, group, or team. Rather, it's a cultural trait that is just within us, or it isn't. So, we want to make it clear that there is no application, sign up form, or process by which we bring others into our ParaFam circle. If we get to know you, and our trust is earned, you just might be invited into our ParaFam circle. Which is the only way into our ParaFam Circle. Best way into our family is by earning our trust is by practicing ParaFam values and being true to yourself and others. 

     However, if you wish to join ParaFam Studios, you may submit a preliminary application form provided below. Although we developed our companies originally to complement our adventures in the paranormal field, you do not need to be a part of the paranormal field to be a part of the ParaFam companies. If you have skills and or experience in Technical Editing, Sound Editing, Video Editing, Graphic Art, Computer Graphics, Photo Technology, Networking, IT, any level of Marketing, Public Relations, Administration, Organization, etc., we are interested in talking with you. 

ParaFam Studios Application

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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