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Cahal Crew Paranormal

Cahal Crew Paranormal is an all-female investigative team based out of Mesa, AZ but traveling statewide in search of the afterlife. Founded in 2017, we investigate both residential and business locations offering answers, validation and evidence. Originally created as an all-family group, Cahal Crew Paranormal has grown to become what it is today, sporting much more than just family. We've invested time and money into being the best team possible and strive to provide only the best evidence.


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U.S. Army veteran, first responder and mother of two, Misty Cahal is the founder of Cahal Crew Paranormal. Having had her first paranormal experience at the young age of 7, her interest in proving the existence of the afterlife has been a lifelong a passion. Armed with a camera and a crew, she seeks scientific and video evidence of the paranormal.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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