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We've paired with the Get Haunted Network to bring the paranormal field together in all forms. Haunts, UFO and Alien studies, Cryptozoological Studies are just some of what we are opened to. 

Besides our 4 events per year, Stellar also is the operating company for the events that our family's teams host. So be looking for Stellar Events year round

We are for the paranormal field, by the paranormal field. We are together, the paranormal field. 


~ Brian Horton | PDRP Co-Founder

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     Stellar Paranormal Events is a four time a year event that is worldwide and supports teams and their investigators, the paranormal field, and most importantly the historic locations that we in the field hold so dear and love to investigate. A majority of legit teams out there that try to get their names out there, helping others with no regards to cost to self are our targets to support. We are all in it together, and together we will rise.

     We are also in support of the field. What this means where Stellar is concerned is very simple. Stellar Paranormal Events is not looking to pocket any profits from its four events. All proceeds are used to better the events, back to the field. Our belief is also very simple on this. You get out of it what you put into it. So naturally Stellar Paranormal Events is without any doubt, ALL IN.

     Most importantly we want to support the historical locations that we all love to visit, explore, and investigate. The most important purpose of these ghost hunts is to support these locations. We hope to preserve their historic splendor and help them maintain for so many years to come. It's up to us to ensure these fantastic places are still around for our grandchildren to explore and enjoy just as we do today.

     Benefits to being a part of Stellar Paranormal Events seem to be endless the way we've designed it. Its for the historic locations, paranormal organizations and investigators, by paranormal investigators. bellow you'll see that there are a number of reasons and benefits to signing up with Stellar Paranormal Events.


  2. Stellar Paranormal Events supports the World's Largest Ghost Hunt. Thus, supporting National Ghost Hunting Day. Which brings together a wide range of paranormal teams and helping preserve our precious and delicate historic locations.

  3. Be a part of something much larger than just one team, group or organization and meet new and fascinating people in the field. Collaborations are important for any team desiring to network. And with Stellar Paranormal Events, you can be assured that you'll have access to only the most legit investigators, teams, and organizations. 

  4. Many of us want to get our teams/organizations out there. Well, with Stellar Paranormal Events, we will be streaming the events to our ROKU channel and through Para-Fam Entertainment. We are continuously driving at offering more exposure for your teams, and as we continue growing, other platforms will come available as well. 

  5. We have some top-notch supporters for our events such as World's Largest Ghost Hunt, Get Haunted Network, and The Wraith Chasers, Daryl Marston of Ghost Hunters, and April Busset, The Psychic Housewife of New Jersey.

  6. By entering the events, you'll be representing your location and showcasing them as well. This helps with their marketing that will gain more teams wanting to explore and investigate that location as well.

  7. And last on this list but certainly not least, you'll have a sense of pride being among the best in the field. 

  8. Stellar Paranormal Events is owned by ParaFam Entertainment, which has at its disposal a Roku channel. All event programming with be broadcasted from this channel.

     Some things to keep in mind with our events.

  • We do not video record anyone's events, investigations or tours. The teams are responsible for the video recording and editing of all videos submitted to Stellar for broadcast.

  • Stellar is not responsible for charges into locations for the events.

  • The individual teams are responsible for maintaining respect at all times while at their locations.

     "Changing ParaUnity to ParaFam"

                                  ~ ParaFam Family

Customer Service - 1-480-658-8893

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